December 15, 2018

The new CD Green Light has been available for 33 days. 

Stats are pretty impressive! 9.5K streams in the last 28 days - 925 in the last 24 hours! 

Reverbnation Alternative charts on 12/13/18 - 

Local # 2

Regional # 21

National # 49 in a field of over 6000 bands!

Global # 77 !!! in a field of over 20,000 bands!  

November 2018

What a great year so far! Played our CD release party for the new CD Green Light at our favorite outdoor venue, that's right, Jdub's! Great turnout and sales of the new album and T-shirtson a beautiful night 11/10/18 - look for the links

April 2018

Played our 10 year anniversary party at JDub's Brewing Company and Tap Room on April 20th. Best show so far! Band's performance was near-perfect; the place was packed, 20+ people standing along the back fence, frantic bartenders, smiling manager.

July 2017

Played our 9 year anniversary party at JDub's Brewing Company and Tap Room on April 29th. Packed house, happy manager

November 4th we played for Lenny's birthday party at JDub's Brewing Company and Tap Room; packed house, happy manager

May 2016

We welcomed new(est) guitar player John Pedrow in February, out of a field of 8 respondents to our Craig'slist ad, he is the best fit both musically and also the all-important personality compatibility. Great player, sweet Les Paul tones, excellet read on "Melissa" - come see us and check it out!  We play as a 4 person band April through October; John plays with us during the winter - for now ;-)

We enjoyed our first performance of 2016 at Anneke & Lenny's wedding reception on April 21st. Currently looking into playing more gigs this year - recommend us! 

November 2015

Anneke and Lenny got married! It was something we talked about for a while; we decided, rather abruptly some might say, that it was time, and tied the knot Sept 21st. Life is good :-)

As I write this, tomorrow, Nov 15, is our Chalk Festival appearance; the only place we've played out this year, it seems - gotta work on that, cause this band is too good to stay home

August 2015

As the summer slowly bakes on, we are planning for our appearance at the Chalk festival in Venice this November 15th

Herb and Natalie are happily married and doing great, Anneke and Lenny are still together and very happy, Lenny is busy in the studio and running live sound for Sarasota's most popular new band Funktastic Soul

Jan 2015 - time flies

2014 came and went; we played a benefit in July as a trio, and the Chalk Festival Closing Awards party in November - Brad Gemme decided to move on, in August Matthew Greenwood came and played guitar a few times, but work eventually took over and he had to bow out as well. Back to the quartet, for now, and looking. Anneke and Lenny are still together and very happy, Lenny is busy in the studio and running live sound, Herb is getting married! This year we will be appearing sporadically, best place to find out is on Reverbnation, visit the website and sign up for the mailing list  

December 2013 - this year sure went fast...

An even more interesting year, imagine that - we played an all original set at the SRQ UnCovered event in March with the new lineup, and then new guitarist Rick Fischer had to drop out. In May, Anneke and Lenny started playing as a duo in the local restaurants, mostly for fun; June saw us organizing a Red Cross Benefit for the Oklahoma Tornado Disaster, where Reckless Deriver played a 70 minute set with the 4 member lineup, featured special guest Savannah Brady, and hosted four more bands. In August we added Brad Gemme on guitar and vocals, we now have all members helping on vocals; Anneke and Brad are singing one lead vocal each so far, and drummer Herb will be debuting his first ever lead vocal at the next show. In November we played a 90 minute set at the Sarasota Chalk Festival to rave reviews by all attendees, and Anneke and Lenny began a relationship - next year is gonna be even more fun! Stay Tuned!

January 2013 - Happy New Year to All! 

Reckless Deriver had a very interesting 2012, culminating in a first-ever official band meeting (sounds serious!) where we made some decisions about what we want for the band in the next year - 2013 is going to be even more titillating! First, we have added two new musicians to expand the lineup to 5 pieces - please welcome Rick Fischer on lead and rhythym guitar, and Anneke Carter on keys, sax, flute and backing vocals! Most of the Reckless Deriver songs and Lenny Long's Blondebris songs were written for more than 3 pieces, so in the future when we play live, the original music will sound more like the CD; and we will be able to play a wider range of cover tunes too! Stay tuned for more news updates!