Who is Reckless Deriver? A melodic alternative and modern pop original music band with Lenny Long guitar/vocals, Herb Smith drums/vocals, and Wayne Thursby bass/vocal, with Anneke Carter joining in Jan 2013 on keys, flute, acoustic guitar, percussion and adding lead and harmony vocals, and John Pedrow joining in February 2016 playing lead and rhythm guitar. Lenny writes most of the music and lyrics, but everyone contributes to the finished sound of each song. We started playing together in April of 2008, driven by Herb's desire to play and Lenny's intent to present his music to the public; once Wayne joined, the music started to take shape. All that was left to do was name it, and after three years and over a hundred ideas, we finally came up with a name...Reckless Deriver....putting musical safety at risk...watch out for us!