Lenny plays a 1986 Paul Reed Smith guitar with custom wiring, and a 2012 Epiphone Les Paul Jr for slide, into a pedal board with Boss Autowah, Tuner and Noise Gate, Rockman Dreamstar chorus, Fulltone GT 500 OD/dist, Ibanez Tube King, and a Lexicon LXP-5 multi-FX into a Mesa Boogie Mark V through a Mesa Boogie Black Shadow 12" speaker in a Meas Engineering semi-open back cabinet. Yeah, it looks & sounds great...

Lenny also plays Buffet alto and tenor saxophones 

Anneke plays Roland and Casio keyboards and Gemienhardt flutes, Blue Ridge acoustic guitar and Tama floor tom

Wayne plays a 1993 Music Man Stingray bass guitar with the rare "Flea" bridge, into a Markbass compressor and a Hartke 200 amp thru a single Eminence Delta 15 inch speaker in an Ampeg cabinet or two. Or three...  

Herb plays a Tama Imperial Star drumset, with Sabian cymbals

John plays a Gibson Les Paul, Gibson 335 or Fender Telecaster through a Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 40 watt all tube guitar amp and matching 12 inch H&K speaker cabinet

When we bring a PA system, it's a Behringer XR18 wireless rackmount mixer with 4 TC Helicon Voicerack Live processors into a pair of JBL PRX812 1500 watt 12 inch main speakers, a pair of Peavey PVXp 800 watt sub woofers and sometime a 600 watt Yorkville sub too. 5 available channels of monitor mixes through in ear monitors, or Mackie 1000 watt 12 inch monitors. The guitar cabinets are miked with Sennheiser 609s, the drums are miked with an AKG D112 and a pair of Studio Projects C4 condenser mics (and sometimes more). This PA is all class D amps, very low power draw.

Lighting system is all LED, small version is two T-bars on tall tripods with 5 multi-color washes and two white spotlights on each tree - this lighting setup runs on less than 400 watts!

Large version adds a 10 ft truss with 8 moving head, 4 multi color pin beam, 4 RGB wash and two strobe lights